Whiskey barrels have a very distinctive and rustic appearance to them. The charm of the barrels is that they bring a sense of Southern appeal and nostalgia. Putting whiskey barrels to use in your home for decoration can lead to a unique style of d?cor which will be admired by many. Learn more below.
Whiskey barrels can be used as containers for gardening. They can be easily used as containers in yards and other outdoor areas to grow different plants and flowers. The full height of the barrels can be used to grow plants with deep roots, or large plants where they can grow at the top of the barrel. Similarly, you can use mini whiskey barrels for smaller plants or can cut the barrel and use the bottom half of the barrel to hold the plants. By using the whiskey barrels for planting evoke a sense of the countryside charm to any outdoor area. Discover more here.

Moreover, you can use the whiskey barrels for furniture in your house. With their unique shape and coloring, they can be easy for temporary or permanent furniture in your home and give your house a Southern flair for those who love that kind of decorating style. You can use full-sized barrels as pub tables, and cover them on top or left intact if they are in good shape to be a nice looking table. Additionally, you can adjust them according to the preferred heights or can be used as a coffee table as well. Another alternative is using them as a storage facility for items.

For those who are concerned about water collection and preservation, the barrels can be used to gather the rainwater which you can use for watering. This use of whiskey barrels will not only serve as a rain collection method but will also but will enhance decoration since they will be unique and attractive. You only need to open the top of the barrel to allow rainwater to get in and add a screen on top of the opening to trap rubles from gathering in the barrel.
Lastly, for those having excess numbers of the barrels, you can sell them or use them for other purposes. You can use the barrels for firewood since they are made of oak for outdoor camping purposes or to keep the fire alive at the fireplace. This will also emit the sweet smell of the oak wood giving you two benefits at the same time.

Whiskey Barrel Concepts